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We have various sneeze screens & sneeze guard products, ready made for you to choose from.

Sneeze screens at your business to protect against virus transmission

Tricky corners

We can help, our team is ready to design & install sneeze screens according to your needs.

Various sneeze screens for various applications.

We can customise sneeze guards according to your needs.

Protect your customers and employees from the spread of germs and viruses with transparent SneezeScreen spit screens and sneeze guards! Our products are a great choice for all businesses and will stop sneeze or cough droplets. Our screens with stands assemble quickly without the need for any tools and they are stable without the need for any permanent mounting, which allows you to find the best placement, or move it as necessary for temporary use.

However, if you want hanging sneeze screens or sneeze guards or to secure it in place we can easily anchor it to your counter using screws and the mounting holes in the feet.

Our sneeze screens are a great option for checkout registers, restaurants, pharmacy counters, service desks, and any place where customers come in close contact with your employees. Sneeze guards have been found to be a effective protection measure against the spread of viruses like Covid-19 by stopping the droplets that enable their transmission

Our spit shields are made of lightweight, 1,5 – 3mm thick transparent Plexiglass which doesn’t obscure vision and provides greater impact resistance than glass. Rounded edges ensure customer and employee safety, and it comes with a convenient pass-through window at the bottom to allow easy transfer of cash, credit cards, receipts, and other small items.

 We also have a budget range of sneeze guards, suited best for temporary applications; It is light weight the frame is made out of corrugated polypropylene and the clear screens 500 Micron PET.  These screens are versatile and can be used as a temporary measure at schools, aftercare, tutoring etc, while still providing efficient barriers against virus transmission in droplets. They can be cleaned and sanitised with alcohol based products.

Use any product in our sneeze screen and sneeze guard range to maintain healthy social distancing measures in your business!