Sneeze Screen Nail Technician shield(MDF)




Protect your customers and employees from the spread of germs and viruses with the Sneeze Screen Nail Technician shield! This product is a great choice for all businesses because of its flexible installation. It assembles quickly without the need for any tools and it stands up without the need for any permanent mounting, which allows you to find the best placement, or move it as necessary for temporary use. ┬áIt’s a great option for any table where customers come in close contact with nail technicians.

The screen is made from lightweight, 1.5mm thick clear Plexiglas which doesn’t obscure vision and provides greater impact resistance than glass. Rounded edges ensure customer and employee safety, and it comes with a convenient opening at the bottom to allow easy movement of your customers hands.

The stands are made of 6mm painted MDF with an extra 3mm support system to ensure that your screen is stable.

Use it to maintain healthy social distancing measures in your business!

Overall Dimensions:
Screen Width: 670mm
Screen Height: 580mm
Window Width: 350mm
Window Height: 120mm


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